Language Training

Language Training - to put it in your own words

Knowing another language has never been more important. But because each person has different reasons for wanting to learn a language and also has his or her own learning style, "prepackaged" training methods have limited success. They don’t foster the individualized learning that yields faster results and long-term retention -- results that make your investment worthwhile and the achievement personal. Results that Comprehensive Language Center, Inc. delivers.

Trust CLCI for lessons well learned.

We’ve spent over 2,500,000 classroom hours training business executives, military personnel, and government representatives in over 45 languages. That’s training experience you can trust - and a learning experience you’ll enjoy.

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Language Training Mission Statement

Comprehensive Language Center, Inc. is committed to providing a superior and consistent language training experience for all students. Any decision made regarding language training must comply with the standards and values established in our mission statement.

Our mission:

We provide exceptional, differentiated language and cultural training for adult learners, to empower them to excel in their personal and professional goals and interests.

Your Learning Experience

Your learning experience is an individual one.

We provide intensive language training to individuals and small groups that want to:

  • Learn a foreign language including English.

  • Improve existing language skills in speaking, reading, writing, or listening.

Our training materials are selected and our techniques are adapted to your objectives and learning style. Have a special interest? Need to integrate your profession’s terminology in your studies? We factor that information into the design of your training program.

We also consider your:

  • Motivation for learning a foreign language

  • Previous language learning experiences

  • Level of proficiency needed or desired

  • Time available for training

Once you’ve started training, we regularly evaluate your progress to make sure your goals are being achieved. And when you pass our tests, your scores mean something. Our tests help prepare government students to meet rigorous federal language proficiency standards.

We make learning fun!

All CLCI instructors are experienced native speakers who choose to teach because they enjoy teaching, so you enjoy learning. You get a solid grasp of your new language plus a personal view of the social customs of the country or region where it is spoken. And from staff as well as instructors, you receive the guidance that is key to gaining confidence and competence in your chosen language.

Foreign Language Instruction

Exceptional, differentiated language and cultural training
To empower adult learners to excel

Comprehensive Language Center, Inc. (CLCI) has been successfully providing foreign language instruction integrated with cross cultural training in more than 80 languages for over 20 years. Our student body includes U.S. government personnel, commercial clients, and private individuals. 

At CLCI, we offer foreign language instruction at all levels of the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) scale. Our courses include, but are not limited to: familiarization, initial acquisition, intermediate, advanced, maintenance, and refresher programs.  

CLCI has developed extensive language training curricula to accommodate our students’ broad spectrum of language requirements. We successfully prepare students for their end-of-training objectives and pre-determined proficiency goals. 

CLCI offers a flexible full time and part schedules, to accommodate all of our student population.

Student Achievement

Student Achievement - 9/10 Students Reach or Exceed Goals

Over 90% of our students reach their training goals, which is 15% to 20% beyond industry norms for student achievement. This is no small feat considering the wide variety of students that come to us, each with differing levels of language aptitude, learning styles, and prior language backgrounds. 

This incredible level of success is due to the strong emphasis we place on designing language training programs specific to the needs of the individual. With at least 10 years of language training experience, our Language Training Specialists have many tools at their disposal to ensure that students meet their goals. Each course is regularly observed and carefully monitored with regular assessments to track progress. No student is ever left without support from our Language Training Specialists and Professional Instructors.

From the first day introduction to the final assessment, achievement of goals and objectives is a carefully planned outcome of our entire language training process. 

Online Language Training

When it comes to learning a language, immersion with real people and real conversations is key. However, time and distance can be difficult gaps to bridge in a busy and hectic schedule.

Comprehensive Language Center, Inc. offers a real-time, web-based language training, which mirrors the classroom learning environment online. It's a true opportunity to learn a language with ease and convenience, no matter your location.


Here are some examples of how online language training students benefited from our program:

Jennifer (Federal Government) - Chinese - Was a student at our training facility, but missed many classes due to work schedule and decided to fill travel schedule with online classes.

Susan (Federal Government) - Dari - Lived semi-locally and only had class once a week, so she decided to conduct it online to save commute time.

Dave (Federal Government) - Pashto (Afghan) - Based in Colorado (2 hour time difference) for first half of class, Florida for second half of class. 

Sarah (Private Company) - Arabic MSA - Began class while in Belgium (6 hour difference) and continued after moving to Oman (8 or 9 hour difference, depending on DST) 

Sam and Tom (Federal Government) - Portuguese - Group class heading to Brazil. There were a variety of methods the students used to attend class, including: on the same laptop, separate laptops, and on an iPad.

Frank (Federal Government) - Serbo-Croatian - Local student that had intensive 4-hour training sessions, but preferred the online training to commuting for about 1.5 hours.

Meg (Federal Government) - Italian - Started training in Japan, then was local, then in Afghanistan. (-10 hours, +9 hours difference)

Barb (Private Individual) - Chinese - In-school student that also opted to supplement with online classes.

Jill (Private Individual) - Arabic - Based in California (3 hour difference)



Windows 2000, 32-bit XP, 2003 and 32-bit/64-bit Vista, 32-bit/64-bit Windows 7

*Intel or AMD processor (1 GHz or  faster); *At least 512 MB RAM (at least 2 GB RAM for Vista); *Remote access (presentation studio and productivity tools not supported in 64-bit Windows 7/Vista); *Internet Explorer 6/7/8  -  Mozilla 1.6/1.7 -  Firefox 2/3.x; *Headset with microphone; *Webcam

Mac OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6

*At least 512 MB RAM; *PowerPC G4/G5 or Intel processor; *No support for Remote Access; *Requires Apple Java 5 or higher; *Safari 3/4  -  Firefox 2/3.x; Headset with microphone; Webcam

 (*, 2010)



Immersion Language Training

Comprehensive Language Center, Inc. offers two custom options for individuals interested in an in-country immersion language training program. Learn more...


Government and Military Based Training

Full-time language training to get from 0 to 3.

Whether you are headed to France or Kenya or anywhere else, Comprehensive Language Center, Inc. will have you prepared to speak, read, and understand the language you'll encounter.

For over 20 years, CLCI has been preparing military and government professionals headed to locations throughout the world. Each class is designed with the specific needs of the student in mind and is custom-tailored to learning styles and objectives. And, of course, cultural aspects are woven in throughout the training. For some languages, such as Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese, professional working fluency (ILR level 3) can be achieved in a 32 week full-time training period; while others, such as Arabic, Pashto, Chinese, and Korean may require training up to 68 weeks.

Results vary according to each student. Contact us for more information and to discuss your particular needs.

Language training options are now available throughout the U.S., including all major cities and states.

Contact us to schedule training in your city and learn how students in locations such as San Francisco, San Diego, Philadelphia, New York, Orlando, Hawaii and other locations have benefitted from learning the CLCI way!