Immersion Language Training

CLCI offers two custom options for individuals interested in an in-country immersion language training program.


In-country immersion training paired with language training at one of our US-based locations.


  • Training begins and ends at our main language training facility.
  • In-country immersion occurs either in the middle or towards the end of the training program.

Immersion only.

  • Training begins and ends in-country after a half-day orientation at one of our US-based locations.

With either option, CLCI offers the following advantages to students seeking high-level proficiency advances:

Professional US-based instructors.
Instructors travel with the student and conduct language and cultural training. The instructors are  experienced and trained in conducting immersion and adult-learner proficiency-oriented language courses.

Supervision by our language training specialists.
Daily guidance by our highly-experienced instructional management team to ensure your training objectives are met.

Professionally-planned itineraries. 
Accommodation options designed to address student-specific goals (for example, true immersion accomodation options or comfort options). In-country immersion training includes 8-10 hours per week of cultural immersion (food, customs, celebrations, festivals, daily routines, gender-based customs, etc.).

Preparations for ILR-based government language skill assessments.


For more information, please contact our Language Training Team at 703-247-0700 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it