Language Services

We enable a fundamental human process – communication.

When we're asked to describe our services, we often respond by saying that we do everything related to languages – both foreign and domestic. If you have a need to communicate with an international audience, we have a solution – regardless of the method of communication.
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Language Training

Language Training - to put it in your own words

Knowing another language has never been more important. Everyone, however, has different reasons for wanting to learn a language and we all have our own distinct learning style. "Prepackaged" training methods have limited success in addressing individual learning needs. They don’t foster the tailored learning that yields faster results and long-term retention -- results that make your investment worthwhile and the achievement personal. Results that Comprehensive Language Center, Inc. delivers.
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Language Skills Assessment & Testing

The ability to communicate effectively is a fundamental requirement for any professional position and increasingly, the definition of this skill is expanding to include proficiency in more than one language. As the need for foreign language communication continues to grow, your organization faces the challenge of identifying qualified personnel versus spending valuable resources hiring and training individuals who may not meet this minimum requirement. The task of quickly but thoroughly evaluating language ability plays a key role in this decision, and it requires experience and knowledge that you may not have in-house.
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